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What We Support

Outreach Partners in Community

Through direct appeal, speaking engagements, educational materials, promotional media, word of mouth and select business sponsorship affiliates, Outreach Partners in Community organizes campaigns and directs innovative, low-cost outreach efforts within residential communities in order to deliver food, housing, goods and services to disadvantaged persons in need. 

Things to Believe In (TTBI)

Things to Believe In is the advertising and promotions arm of Outreach Partners. Through an integrated giving, sharing and education platform, TTBI provides video, materials, speakers, workshops, publications, training and other information to assist nonprofits, value-based organizations and the public in making more conscious choices for smart giving, organizational integrity and sustainable living.

With Whom We Work

OPN has provided volunteer services, sponsorship sign-ups, creative, website development and other services for organizations such as:

Metropolitan Ministries

Lift International

Inspiring Enterprises

Habitat for Humanity

The Hospice Foundation

Services and Fees

For qualified applicants, OPN provides a no charge baseline assessment and change map. Services are provided on fully funded and discounted fee basis to qualified organizations and individuals.  

To inquire about applying for consideration, please contact Joel Barber, Director, at:


Outreach Partners Network®

For more information please contact us at 888-266-6001 or Click HERE

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